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Labour Portal was started with a very simple premise: Revolutionize Human Resource Management. Using the latest technologies available, Labour Portal is able to provide your organization with advantages that were never possible with heavyweight, rigid consultancies that are not dedicated to the risk that your business faces by being out of date with legislation. VP² is the latest evolution of technology delivery models that can provide cost savings and additional HR business value to your organization.

With VP² there is no hardware, software, middleware, database, or business intelligence tools to buy, install, or maintain. Enterprise applications can be accessed anytime, anywhere, via the Internet, shifting the cost and burden of managing the underlying IT infrastructure and operations from you, the customer, to Labour Portal.

Industrial Relations

When labour markets are seen as imperfect, and when the employment relationship includes conflicts of interest, then one cannot rely on markets or managers to always serve workers' interests, and in extreme cases to prevent worker exploitation. You have the right to employ the employees who will further your businesses interests. Maintaining healthy employee relations in an organization is a pre-requisite for organizational success. Strong employee relations are required for higher productivity and employee satisfaction. That is why with labour Portal, you shift the burden to us in order for you to have a stronger, multidisciplined work force.

Performance Management

It may be possible to get all employees to reconcile personal goals with organizational goals and increase productivity and profitability of an organization using this process. It can be applied by organizations or a single department or section inside an organization, as well as an individual person. Managing employee or system performance facilitates the effective delivery of strategic and operational goals. There is a clear and immediate correlation between using performance management programmes and improved business and organizational results. With Labour Portal, using integrated 'webware', rather than a spread sheet based recording system; you may deliver a significant return on investment through a range of direct and indirect sales benefits, operational efficiency benefits and by unlocking the latent potential in every employees work day.

Training and Development

Decisions relating to employment relations management such as those concerned with union recognition, collective bargaining and worker participation are influenced by the manager's ideology, values and philosophy, which form his frame of reference. Labour Portal helps you up skill employees to see the same vision of your Company by simple means that are understandable and practical.

Skills and Equity

Labour Portal takes stock of the economy, looking at what works (and doesn't) in related skill and credentialing initiatives and placing them in a broader context of human capital development, community resilience, and climate change. Defining equity, sustainability, and greater democratization as critical elements of a truly profitable future, the approach considers the practical and legal challenges to achieving these in South Africa and Labour Portal sets down the ground work for your Company to accomplish just that.

Occupational Health and Safety

An essential part of your overall business continuity planning is a process that supports managing the response to impacts on your business from potential risks. While some workplaces are more prone to disasters than others, every organization is vulnerable. VP² helps you to place the correct systems in place to protect employees who work in situations more susceptible to mishaps and therefore employers are well-advised to actively assess risk and take immediate steps to prevent workplace mishaps.

Labour Portal Library

Any industrial law library is designed to assist law students, attorneys, judges, and their law clerks and anyone else who finds it necessary to correctly determine the state of the law. With Labour Portal, the advent of online legal research has been placed in one space where any Company can have direct access to industrial law journals and rulings made by CCMA and Bargaining Council Commissioners as well as judges at the Labour Court, Labour Appeal Court and the Supreme Court. All this information is available to you, the Labour Portal customer.